Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Ouija Board, Part 2

 Marissa was on her way back to her dorm room after an evening tutoring remedial biology students. Science was Marissa's passion. She scoffed at superstition. Her roommate, Nikki, believed in everything from aliens building the Pyramids to the boogeyman. Marissa made a hobby out of proving to Nikki why such beliefs were a waste of energy.
Just off the walkway leading from the library to her dorm, was a piece of cardboard with handwritten letters and numbers on it. A shot glass was next to it. Marissa saw an opportunity to prove another of Nikki's myths to be false. She picked up the makeshift Ouija board, stuffed the shot glass in her backpack and walked home.
The room was empty. Nikki was probably at one of her ghost hunter meetings, Marissa mused. She put the board and the shot glass on the shelf in her closet.
A few days later, Nikki asked if she could borrow one of Marissa's shirts. When Nikki opened the closet door, the Board slipped off the shelf and into her hands.
“Where did this come from?” she asked.
“I found it the other night on the quad,” Marissa said.
“You want to try it out?” Nikki asked.
“Yeah, but not tonight. Let's ask Kate and Sasha to come over tomorrow night.”

The next night, Nikki, Marissa and their friends brought out the Board. The girls sat in a circle in the middle of the room, placing the board on the floor between them. Nikki and Sasha were first up to hold the shot glass/Planchette. Kate hovered by the door, uneasy. The first “spirit” to make contact was that of an 8 year old boy. He told them he died in the 1940's and was looking for his mother. Sasha had lost her grandmother the year before and couldn't wait to ask the boy what happens after death. Was there really a white light? Did he know her grandmother and could he relay messages? When the boy started answering questions, Marissa and Kate each noticed the other's eye roll. Kate motioned Marissa to step outside the room with her.

“This is crap. One of them is moving the shot glass,” Marissa said.
“No, it isn't crap, but if that's an 8 year old boy they're talking to, I'm the Queen of England,” Kate said.

The two analyzed some of the messages the boy was giving Nikki and Sasha. The vocabulary he was using was too advanced for a child. And if he died at 8 years old, it's not like he was going to continue his education at Purgatory Junior High, High School and University.

“It's weird, but somehow this all sounds familiar. I just can't place why,” Kate said.

The two girls went back in the room, and immediately noticed a change in the temperature. Nikki and Sasha were so entranced in their conversation with The Boy, they were unaware that they had been talking to The Boy for three hours. Marissa pointed it out to them when she looked at her watch and both Nikki and Sasha looked down at their hands on the shot glass.

“You're moving it!” Sasha accused.
“No I'm not! It's bouncing my fingers off it,” Nikki said.

That's when Kate remembered where she'd heard this story before. She ducked back out of the room and pulled out her cell phone.

“Zoe? Hi, it's Kate. I really need you to come over to Marissa and Nikki's room right now. I don't want to explain over the phone. Just get here.”

Fifteen minutes later, Zoe walked into Marissa's room, and screamed. Four girls were standing huddled in the corner of the room, terrified. On the floor, the shot glass skittered across the handwritten Board spelling out messages.
“Where did you find this?” Zoe asked. “How did THIS board get in your room?”
“It was just on the ground near the library. I found it on my way home a few nights ago,” Marissa said.
“What difference does it make?” Kate asked.
“Because this is the board my friends and I made a few months ago. It spooked us, so we got rid of it. It disappeared. The next day, our friend Kara was supposed to pack up and move out of the apartment where we used it. We never saw her again, either.”

Friday, October 14, 2011

31 Days of Halloween ~ The Ouija Board, Part 1

How could a Sharpie and a shot glass turn a box into something malevolent? When you turn them into a Ouija Board, it becomes a Door to the unknown and all hell breaks loose. You don't know who or what is on the other side. And once it comes in, you'll have a devil of a time trying to get it to leave.

 Kara needed a place to live and didn't have the time or money to be particular. She didn't know her new roommates well, but they weren't home much and the rent was cheap. She was home alone (again) one evening and pleasantly surprised when three of her friends dropped by for a visit. Kara mentioned that her roommates were a little odd, and seemed to be “into weird stuff”.
“What kind of 'weird stuff'?” Emily asked.
“I don't know for sure, but I just feel creeped out even when they're home,” Kara said.
“You didn't get the creepy feeling before you agreed to move in here?” Zoe asked.
Kara ducked her head, embarrassed. She hadn't thought to have these roommates checked out. She just needed a cheap place to crash that was close to work.
“Maybe it's not the roommates,” James suggested. “Maybe the place is just haunted, and that's why you're creeped out.”
The three girls' eyes lit up. A haunted apartment! How cool would that be in a few months when it was time to host a Halloween party.
“We could use a Ouija Board and try to make contact,” Kara suggested.
James left right away at the mention of the Board. The idea of it spooked him and he refused to take part in it. The girls tried to convince him that Ouija was just a bit of fun and teased him as he walked out the door.
“Do you have a board?” Zoe asked.
“I don't, but we could make one. They're not that complicated. We'll use one of my moving boxes,” Kara replied.
She grabbed a marker from a kitchen drawer while Emily and Zoe cut the side of an empty book box. Kara grabbed a novelty shot glass from the bookshelf to use as a Planchette. They finished drawing the letters, numbers and the Yes/No on the board.
Kara turned off the lights and placed lit votive candles on the coffee table. Zoe and Emily sat on the living room floor, facing each other. The board rested on their knees and Kara placed the shot glass/Planchette on it.
“How will we know one of us isn't moving the glass to answer our own question?”Zoe asked.
“I'll ask the questions while you and Emily hold the glass.”
She only asked one question: “Is anyone here who wants to talk to us?”
Something answered. At first, the ghost said it was an 8 year old boy. The girls felt sympathy for the poor lost little boy who couldn't find his mommy. But then, he started to get angry with the girls. The glass flew around the board, spelling out words no 8 year old should know.
“It's bouncing me off the glass!” Emily cried.
“It's doing the same thing to me,” Zoe said.
In seconds, the glass was repelling the girls' hands, as if they were magnets facing the wrong way. It was moving of it's own accord and the girls felt a chill they shouldn't have on a warm June evening. A breeze blew over the girls, blowing out the candles and leaving them in complete darkness. Fear left the girls breathless and the only sound in the apartment was the scratching of the glass against the cardboard, spelling messages they couldn't see.
“We have to stop. This was a bad idea,” Emily said.
Kara flicked her lighter on to make her way to the light switch. As soon as she flipped the lights on, the bulb popped and they were in the dark again. She lit the candles again. Emily took the board and tried to tear it in half, but the cardboard wouldn't tear.
“Give me your lighter,” Zoe said, holding her hand out to Kara. Zoe held the lighter to a corner of the board, but it wouldn't ignite. It wouldn't even smolder or char.
Kara ripped the board from Zoe's hands and flung the board off the balcony.
The girls shuddered as they heard it scream on its way to the ground.
They left five minutes later, but there was no sign of the board on the ground on their way out.

The next day, Kara came back to the apartment to pack her things. As usual, her roommates weren't home. When she opened the door, she found their Ouija Board on the coffee table, the shot glass gliding around the letters on it's own, spelling messages she didn't want to see.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Inky Presents: the Bigfoot Story

I'm continuing the 31 days of Halloween theme by telling you a spooky story. And it's up to you do decide a) if you believe I'm telling you a true story or b) if I'm a complete crackpot. Here goes....

Inky Presents: The Bigfoot Myth

It was a warm November evening in 2001. My then-husband Dan and I were relaxing in the hot tub at my parents' house after dinner. When we were relaxed and pruney, we shut off the jets and climbed out of the tub. There was no other sound outside, which was odd. There should have been something. Then, piercing the silence, was the most blood-curdling wail I've ever heard. No human vocal chords could have made this sound, and yet it was not an animal's cry either.
After the wail ended, every dog in the area began barking and howling as if they were scared to be outside. We hurried into the house and told my parents what we heard, but they didn't hear anything inside the house. Dad is so hard of hearing he has the television turned up almost to its maximum. A car bomb could have gone off under the living room window and Dad wouldn't have heard it. 

In January, 2002, Dan and I packed up our meager belongings and prepared to move back to our most recent hometown of Billings, Mt. With my back injury, I was completely useless for helping to load the truck. We got very creative. Dan would pick up one end of a table and hand it to me, then go get the other end of the table and we walked it out to the truck. In the process of cartwheeling the couch out to the truck, we once again experienced the complete uncharacteristic silence of the neighborhood. No birds chirping. Not even the wind rustling through the evergreen boughs. This time, the silence was broken by footsteps. They weren't particularly heavy footsteps, but they were definitely made by a biped. No dog or deer or rabbit made this noise on the grass. It started on the north end of the grass and sounded as if it disappeared into the back yard. We hurried after the sound, but found nothing and no one.
The house in question is still there, and the neighborhood hasn't changed much. No more land has been cleared and no new houses have been built. So whatever was living in the woods, howling in the night and sneaking around by day, hasn't been pushed out by development. Begs the questions: what was it?... Is it still there?